Arrival Information

NMSU is pleased to welcome you to New Mexico and looks forward to your arrival! The following information will assist you in planning your travel to NMSU. When you arrive on campus, stop by International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For emergency assistance after hours or during the weekend, contact the director, Mary Jaspers at 575-649-0393.

SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019

A SEVIS generated immigration document (I-20 or DS-2019) is issued to each new international student entering the United States (U.S.) admitted to New Mexico State University. Your I-20 or DS-2019 must be accurate for both your visa appointment and for your inspection at the U.S. point of entry. Read and comply with the instructions attached to your I-20 or DS-2019 and review for accuracy. Check the spelling of your name (and family members if you are traveling with dependents), birth date, country of birth, citizenship, school, academic program, level of degree, and financial information. If there are discrepancies, contact ISSS immediately.


Due to the high volume of visa applications, make your visa appointment as early as possible with the U.S. consulate or embassy. Find out if the consulate or embassy requires additional information from NMSU and if so, where we should send it.
For more information about visa application procedures, review Education USA.

Travel to the U.S.

When you are preparing to travel to the U.S. it is recommended that you ought to purchase travel insurance to cover any medical issues that may occur. Some travel policies will also include coverage for lost luggage. Please be aware that these policies are only good while you travel. Once you arrive to the campus, you will need to purchase a health insurance policy through our Campus Health Center.  Upon entry into the U.S. you will be digitally assigned an admission number which states the purpose of your admission to the U.S. and the length of time you may remain. If you need a hard copy of this you will need retrieve the paper version of the 1-94.
Travel Tips: Hand carry the following documents:

  • Your passport;
  • SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019;
  • Evidence of financial resources;
  • Evidence of student or exchange visitor status, such as letter of acceptance or transcript;
  • Paper receipt for the SEVIS fee;
  • Name and contact information of your designated school official, Mary Jaspers, 575-646-2017 (office) or 575-649-0393 (mobile).


  • If you are a new student or exchange visitor, and the U.S. Department of State’s Consular Officer returned your documents in a sealed envelope attached to your passport do not open this envelope.
  • Inform the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at the port of entry that you are a new or returning student or exchange visitor in the U.S.
  • Report to your school or program upon arrival so that your school official can validate your participation in SEVIS.
  • Maintain contact with your designated school or sponsor official if your SEVIS data needs to be updated.

Transportation To Las Cruces

When arranging your flight, your final destination should be El Paso, Texas.  Las Cruces is 50 miles from the El Paso Airport. Travel options between El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico include:



  • Local Motels – For temporary housing the following facilities are close to campus:
    • Comfort Suites  (575) 522-1300
    • Plaza Suites        (575) 525-5500
    • Ramada Palms   (575) 526-4411
    • Sleep Inn             (575) 522-1700
  • On-Campus Housing (
  • International Student Groups – Student groups can help with temporary housing: email ISSS ( for more information.


Before the semester starts, you must attend New International Student Orientation and complete all pre-registration requirements before you will be allowed to register. Undergraduate students will be advised by their college and graduate students by their academic department.

Health/Medical Insurance

NMSU requires all F-1 and J-1 students to purchase and continually maintain major medical health insurance. Travel insurance purchased in your home country is not acceptable. Do not purchase health insurance until you have attended New International Student Orientation. ISSS will assist you in purchasing health insurance through a plan administered by the Campus Health Center.

  • NMSU International & Border Programs: ISSS
  • (575) 646-2834
  • Garcia Annex, Room 246
  • MSC 3567 / P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001


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