Housing Options


Residence halls (dormitories) and apartments are available for any incoming student, although there is a waiting list for students needing family housing. It is necessary to be admitted to NMSU before applying for housing. Most campus residence facilities require a semester payment, while some family and graduate student apartments have monthly payment plans. Some on-campus housing options require the purchase of meal plans. Utilities (electricity, water, etc.), telephone, and internet access are included in all housing facilities.

Single student residence halls

Three different residence halls are available to unmarried students attending college for the first time. Rooms in these halls are fully furnished and rented for an academic year (August to May). This option is not available during the summer session.

Single student apartments

Unmarried transfer students and returning students may also live in the traditional residence halls, and may be eligible to live in a campus apartment community. One-room, one bedroom, two-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments are available. These apartments are rented for an academic year (August to May) or for the summer term (May to August).

Students with families

Students with accompanying family members may choose from a number of neighborhoods offering individual two-bedroom homes with yards (gardens), two-story townhouses (two-bedroom) with small patios, and four-bedroom, two-bath apartments that share common areas. Family housing is rented month-to-month, and is very popular. Advance application is recommended.

More information

Please note that the availability of on-campus housing before the official “move-in” date before the start of a semester is limited and provided on a case-by-case basis by the housing department. Prior notice is required. To apply for housing, a newly admitted student must create their ‘MyNMSU’ account and then pay a deposit toward their preferred housing option.

Check the NMSU Student Housing page to see rates, facility information, payment plans, meal plans, etc.


There are many apartment complexes located near the NMSU campus. Las Cruces housing costs vary, but popular student apartment complexes near campus range from $300 to $800 or more per month, for one- to four-bedroom apartments. Many students rent off-campus apartments, and rent-sharing to save costs is common. If renting an apartment or house, be aware that you will need to arrange your own utilities, telephone service and so on.

  • NMSU International & Border Programs: ISSS
  • isss@nmsu.edu
  • (575) 646-2834
  • Garcia Annex, Room 246
  • MSC 3567 / P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001


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