New International Student Orientation


The New International Student Orientation (NISO) takes place before the beginning of each semester. Newly admitted students will be sent an invitation to the NISO course on Canvas, where they will discover important information and resources that will help prepare them for their first semester at NMSU. NISO contains 33 modules, most of which can be completed online prior to arriving on campus. The last module, Module #33, requires that students be on campus to complete an assignment. Additionally, students will also register to attend the Virtual SEVIS Check-In event on the last module. 

See the PowerPoint for the Fall 2021 Virtual SEVIS Check-In


See the recording of the first Virtual SEVIS Check-In for the Fall 2021 semester below:

  • 8/5/21 Session:


  • 8/11/21 Session:


  • 8/13/21 Session: