Before you start the CPT application process, you will first need a job offer before you start the CPT application. As a general rule, students will not be approved for CPT in their final semester and have to complete an academic year on their program of study. CPT will be issued based on our semester dates as per our academic schedule posted by Records Office. See https://records.nmsu.edu/students/important-dates.html

IMPORTANT: You cannot work out of campus without prior authorization from ISSS office. You can only work within the dates reflected on the 2nd page of your I-20. If we find that you have worked off campus then that would be a serious violation of your F-1 status and your I-20 may be terminated for “unauthorized employment”.


The CPT Process:

First step : CPT application has to be completed by you

Second step :  CPT application must be approved, signed, and dated by your academic advisor/department on the application

Third Step : Email ISSS the completed application and the job offer letter. ISSS checks if student meets the GPA, has completed one academic year, and student is not in their final semester. After verifying this information, ISSS will sign and email it to you and Co-op and the offer is related to your field of study/major. (Please do not send it directly to Co-op office)

Fourth step : ISSS will email the signed CPT application and the job offer letter to Co-Op Education & Internship Program coop@nmsu.edu and we will CC you in the email and after they approve it. (Please do not send it directly to co-op office)

Fifth Step : Co-op office is going to review your application.

Sixth step :  After Co-op office approves your CPT, ISSS will issue an I-20 reflecting your CPT start dates and end dates, the company you are going to work for, and the address.

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If you have any questions and would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the CPT process and requirements in more details, please email isss@nmsu.edu.